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Search Results for: Payton Leigh

Payton Leigh

Have you met Payton Leigh? This hot, blonde MILF is an amazing woman with an outgoing personality and a scrumptious ass! Hot yoga keeps her in great shape, but today, her class has left her pretty gassy. Payton’s sweaty ass is working overtime to k... 7641 views

Payton Leigh 2

Seasoned sex kitten Payton Leigh is a lady on the street but a freak on the seat! She has rushed into the bathroom and makes a mess of the place when her commanding gas hits the bowl with such gusto, it’s shocking she isn’t courtesy flushing to f... 7015 views

Payton Leigh 3

Payton Leigh’s idea of fun is right up your alley! She would love nothing more than to share in some mutual masturbation with you, and this sexy MILF even offers up some surprises along the way! Horny Payton wants you stroking your cock while she r... 5826 views

Payton Leigh 4

Payton Leigh possesses the ability to stink up any place, and when her ass hole is perched above your face, watch out! Don’t mind the spray! This sizzling MILF must have eaten something terrible, but her perfectly aged pucker looks outstanding as i... 7639 views

Payton Leigh 5

Vivacious blonde Payton Leigh is a gassy MILF with no shame in her game! Even when she fingers her own delicious pussy and feels gassy, she is not holding it in. Her busy fingers create sexy clicking sounds as they thrum her glistening slit, and her ... 7852 views

Payton Leigh 6

Slow-motion farting is pulled off with such finesse when sexy MILF Peyton Leigh is on the scene! She’s a hot blonde babe with a profusion of gas escaping her hot, tight pucker, and she is sharing the view of her overworked bottom as it tosses out t... 6647 views

Payton Leigh 7

Mature model Payton Leigh cannot believe what is coming out of her! This slender maven is marvelously gassy, and she can hardly stand the sulfuric-like farts escaping her tight, little tush. She says it hurts, so she must work all that methane out of... 7060 views

Payton Leigh 8

Hot MILF Payton Leigh is logging in an exercise session, but unfortunately, she’s gassy, and stretching and gas don’t mix well! Payton is really pleased with her workout until the room starts to stink to a nearly unbearable level. Ms. Leigh perse... 5866 views

Payton Leigh 9

No more chili is Payton Leigh’s new mantra! This hot blonde MILF chose a hot matching white bra and panty set on a day she’s producing some rather wet and messy farts. Poor color choice, Payton! Alas, she has pulled her panties down to station he... 6193 views

Payton Leigh 10

Oh, wow, Payton Leigh is at it again! She loves sharing her farts with you, and she has even sampled bean dip to make sure she puts on a good show! This flawless MILF has a menacing ass hole, and she adores showing it off to guys like you, who have a... 4031 views

Payton Leigh 11

Somebody has clued Payton Leigh in on the fact you have not cum in a few days. This dedicated diva does not want you to get blue balls, so she is fully prepared, out of the kindness of her heart, to help you cum. Yep, she knows you like her farts, so... 5574 views

Payton Leigh 12

MILF Payton Leigh looks outstanding in a virginal white bra and panty set, but she’s not fooling anyone, as we know what a little sex kitten she is! Payton is home alone and giving her pussy some time and attention. When she has to pass gas, her so... 5820 views

Payton Leigh 13

Have you seen sexy MILF Payton Leigh farting in slow-motion? If not, her latest fart foray is a must-see, as her tiny, aged pucker produces loud gassers, seemingly amplified by the special effect created by slow-motion farting. This marvelously filth... 7036 views

Payton Leigh 14

Fetching, fetid blonde MILF Payton Leigh farts louder than such a slender doll should, and since she ate some spicy chili, she is gassier than ever before! She seems set on sullying her sexy white and black polka dot thong as she pushes out her putri... 5725 views

Madison Leigh

Madison Leigh stars in her very first farting video ever! She has never done this type of thing on camera before, but she gives it a terrific effort! She's got on a pair of tight jean pants that give a great farting reverberation. Watch as she wrestl... 6549 views

Madison Leigh 2

Madison returns, this time she's in a black corset and booty panties. Come join Madison as she gets the gas out in bed. Enjoy the aroma of her ass gas! Listen as she tells you how her belly feels as she talks to you about farting. 4692 views

Madison Leigh 3

Madison is on the couch getting the gas out and sharing the details! This time she's in a tight sports shirt with a thin white thong accenting her plump round gaseous booty! You get to see her farting into the couch as well as pulling over that thin ... 7678 views

Madison Leigh 4

Madison Leigh is a girl who loves to fart! She is on the bed and she's ready for you to come smell her ass! She's finally totally naked showing her luscious titties and bountiful boot with no strips of cloth covering her precious stink hole! Ready to... 3759 views

Madison Leigh 5

Madison is back and farting beautifully as ever! All you Madison Leigh fans out there, pull out your cock now because madison is finally on the toilet! She walks in in a pair of tight jeans and a orange tshirt, pulls her pants past her knees, bends o... 5869 views

Madison Leigh 6

Madison Leigh is back on the toilet again! If you liked her last toilet farting clip, this time she's totally naked and she's talking to you and letting you watch! She thinks you are a big perv for watching her on the toilet, but she lets you enjoy i... 6937 views

Madison Leigh 7

Madison Leigh has returned to fart for you some more! In this clip she's on a couch with a pair of black tight polyester pants, tunic and a thong! She gives you some ass blasts with her pants on and also pulls them down to give you a couple farts in ... 3343 views

Madison Leigh 8

Madison is hanging out on a workout bench, in her spandex pants ready to get some gas out on the leather bench. She lets loose some real wet, loose sounding farts that stink horribly! Madison farts in all kinds of positions, leaning back, forward, tu... 4584 views

Madison Leigh 9

Madison is back on the bench again, this time totally naked! Listen to how her farting booty sounds against the leather, check out her big sexy titties and naked booty! This is one of Madison's hottest clips yet. You have simply got to get it! 4082 views

Madison Leigh 10

Madison Leigh is mad at you for not seeing her in a while, so she wants you to get your head into the fart box! She closes your head into the stinky box and lifts the toilet seat lid to plop her naked ass square above your face. She proceeds to unloa... 5901 views