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Search Results for: Nikki Ford

Nikki Ford

Nikki Ford doesn't usually fart in front of people, but she's got the worst gas and it has to come out. Bending over with thong panties wedged between big fat booty cheeks, Nikki passes a couple stinkers and tries to fan the smell away from her nose... 5414 views

Nikki Ford 2

Nikki Ford's man is in trouble and she's farting on his pillow for revenge! His punishment is your pleasure, though, because you get to watch! Nikki thoroughly disgraces the clean,white pillow, delivering fart after fart to pay back her man's cheatin... 4141 views

Nikki Ford 3

Pink on black, Nikki's got a fart attack! Just look at that sexy pink negligee as Nikki undulates on the bed, rubbing her gorgeous pussy and farting up a storm. Feel the breeze of her sweet release and savor the thrill of each loud crack and gassy hi... 4818 views

Nikki Ford 4

Nikki is squeezing her stomach like she's ready to squeeze out a brown baby boy! She knows how you love those farts and she's not afraid to share them. Just look at her massive ass swiveled around on the toilet and letting raw stink into the air. Nik... 8022 views

Nikki Ford 5

Nikki Ford is out to fulfill your fantasy of seeing an ebony beauty bathing in her own farts! Nikki thought she'd take a nice, relaxing bath after supper but the Mexican meal is catching up with her. Following a nice burp to get things going, she set... 6809 views

Nikki Ford 6

Nikki doesn't even need to get naked to get you to blow your load. All she has to do is fart through her spandex pants! Fresh from a workout, and a bad choice of post-workout snack, Nikki guides your masturbation to the sound of her stinking up the r... 7842 views

Nikki Ford 7

Nikki says she's extra gassy today. What would really make her feel better is if you would lick her asshole while she farts on your tongue! Nikki knows how much you love fart taste and she's here to help you out by letting you taste everything she's ... 5898 views

Nikki Ford 8

Nikki's farts have ruined a night out with her friends, but they're going to make a night in with you very special! As soon as her black and white dress comes up, Nikki's ass comes open and horrible noises begin to come out of it! When Nikki's big eb... 6568 views

Nikki Ford 9

Nikki is ready to repay nasty unto nasty. Her boyfriend jerked off everywhere and just left the tissues lying around so Nikki does the only sensible thing she can think of: she farts all over his clean tissues! Revenge is anything but sweet when the ... 5369 views

Nikki Ford 10

Nikki really needs to exercise more. She can't even stretch. All that happens when she tries are great big, smelly farts! Nikki bravely assumes various positions in an effort to tone her body and the resulting farts assume a variety of different musi... 8493 views

Nikki Ford 11

What did Nikki do between eating lots of cheese and broccoli and partying with her friends at the nightclub? She ripped open her stockings so there's be nothing between you and her flatulent butthole! After the day Nikki's had she needs you to help h... 3738 views

Nikki Ford 12

Nikki can be so nasty at times. She doesn't bathe and saves up her farts to make the room smell really bad. This is what turns her on, though: undulating on the bed in the stink of her own armpits while gaping her ass open for a big, gassy release! W... 4797 views

Nikki Ford 13

Nikki just can't get to sleep at night unless she spends some time prepping the world's luckiest pillow! That's right, Nikki is so fart-obsessed that she can only sleep on a pillow puffed up with her own gas! So she does what she has to do, humping t... 3767 views

Nikki Ford 14

Nikki can't believe she ate the whole thing! One cheese pizza adds up to one long night on the toilet for nude Nikki who must fart her way through an epic bought of constipation! Nikki doubles over and spreads her ass in her quest for relief, but far... 4656 views

Nikki Ford 15

Nikki gleefully rubs her belly, knowing that it's full of farts and that you want to eat them! All you have to do is get down underneath her and open your mouth to receive! The fart chair gives you a perfect view of Nikki's gorgeous body, perky breas... 6101 views

Nikki Ford 16

Nubile Nikki is at it again, going through her stretching routine oblivious to her farts! The more she bends and stretches, the more big, brown noises bleat from her silver-clad butt cheeks! This leggy ebony beauty tries very hard to stay focused on ... 6437 views

Nikki Ford 17

Nikki's ass is so nasty! She's going to contaminate the nice leather furniture with her butt gasses so she won't fart in front of her boyfriend! Between Nikki's big, brown ass and the big, brown leather seat is nothing but big, brown smells! Her big ... 8777 views

Nikki Ford 18

When Nikki gets naked on the toilet, it is bound to be a noisy affair. This time is no exception, and her butt gets down to business as soon as it hits the porcelain. The noisy gas escaping from Nikki must be heard to be believed. Some of the farts a... 6881 views

Nikki Ford 19

Getting a face full of farts from Nikki Ford is pure joy. It's even better when she wants you to jerk off for her! Put your face up into her ass crack and inhale and lick to your heart's content! Keep jerking it as she slides off her thong panties, t... 7102 views

Nikki Ford 20

It's not every day you get to see a sexy black girl play with her pussy while she farts. But that's just a regular day in the life of Nikki Ford! With her long legs spread, Nikki invites you to get an eyeful of her beautiful pussy and to take a whiff... 3926 views

Nikki Ford 21

A night of hard anal sex has left Nikki with some hard gas! She can't even make the bed without lighting up the room with her flatulence! Her pink thong panties quickly become nothing but a fart rag as the poots trickle out of her well-used sphincter... 6046 views

Nikki Ford 22

Gorgeous Nikki Ford’s amazing ass looks great in some interesting lingerie that is quite immodest but definitely sexy. An egg salad sandwich has left this sultry siren rather gassy, and she is on her couch producing puffers like mad. Nikki is curio... 9350 views

Nikki Ford 23

Playful Nikki Ford enjoys her bouncy yoga ball and is curious what her farts sound like against the ball’s plastic exterior. In an adorable bikini, this tantalizing gal is going to test it out. She slides out of her bikini bottoms to fart directly ... 8497 views

Nikki Ford 24

Get on your knees! Nikki Ford has been feeling ignored, and smelling her farts is your punishment. She insists you smell all her farts if you want her to no longer be mad at you. She wants more than your nose in between her cheeks; she needs that ton... 7621 views