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Search Results for: Miss Poison

Miss Poison

Miss Poison’s sexy Latina accent and full bubble butt will drive you wild. Check out this esteemed lady as she farts for her fans for the very first time! There is so much to admire about this enlivened Latin MILF! She wants nothing more than to wo... 3383 views

Miss Poison 2

Miss Poison’s big boobs and large caboose are outstanding attributes, and her sexiest asset is her ability to fart over and over while making an especially sultry video for her growing legion of fart fanatics. She is perhaps the most outgoing lady ... 2760 views

Miss Poison 3

There is never a dull moment when Miss Poison is in front of the camera and farting for her fans! Her voluptuous body is so much to take in, and she wants to get your face so close to her stinky ass that you can almost taste it! With a bloated belly,... 2361 views

Miss Poison 4

Miss Poison’s excitable nature makes her a fun girl to share some time with! She is really outgoing and loves to spice things up while working out her belly gas. She is lactose intolerant, but won’t stay off the dairy! This means her farts are ju... 2479 views

Miss Poison 5

Lovely Miss Poison is wrapped up in a slutty pink ensemble and eager to rid her stomach of a mess of gas that has rendered her in pain. Breathlessly, she pushes out an array of stinkers that will make your eyes water! Her oversized booty really packs... 4033 views

Miss Poison 6

With ample assets to rouse your senses, Latina MILF Miss Poison is one you want to see in action! Her bloated belly leads to your hot show! Miss Poison's farts are foul, and her dirty talk will send you over the edge. It may be impossible to last for... 2806 views

Miss Poison 7

In the area of stinky Latina MILFs, Miss Poison is queen! She loves showing off her curvaceous body in sexy red lingerie while she farts like mad! You are going to love the smelly nature of this beauty as she farts her way into your heart! 2261 views

Miss Poison 8

Latina knockout Miss Poison describes her farts as poisonous, and this is not far from the truth! Her oversized bubble butt is so damn hot! She loves showing off her bodacious booty as she expels some of the smelliest lady gassers imaginable. Enjoy t... 5678 views

Miss Poison 9

Miss Poison’s most recent visit to the loo was filmed by a well-placed bathroom cam, and the footage is outstanding! Her loud farts hit the bowl with gusto as she did her best to finally feel satisfaction. Her belly was in knots, and she had no cho... 3899 views

Miss Poison 10

Large and in-charge Latina sex kitten Miss Poison oozes allure and sensuality. Her confidence is intoxicating, and her dirty side is delightful as she discards a wealth of long, windy whoppers from her thick ass. Breathlessly, she does her best to pu... 3732 views

Miss Poison 11

Can Miss Poison’s plus-sized ass blow you some kisses? She wants to know if you would like to watch her pucker wink with stink! This enchanting Latina MILF is one to watch. She is always so gassy and loves sharing her big bottom in action. The atte... 2284 views

Miss Poison 12

If you like to watch a wild Latina MILF rip gnarly chainsaw farts, Miss Poison is the lady for you! She gets off on releasing gassers, and her dirty notions will drive you wild! With great pride, she shows off her fabulous tush, and after farting lik... 2267 views

Miss Poison 13

Miss Poison’s tummy was more plump than normal when she was full of gas. She got herself naked and created a sexy fart video as she worked to deflate her doughy belly. This darling’s gassers really pack a punch, and her final fart is one for the ... 3284 views

Miss Poison 14

Miss Poison has more farts for you, and she is not playing around! Looking like BBW perfection in red lingerie, this plus-sized playmate pulls her thong to the side and proffers quite a stinky and sexy show. Making a spectacle of herself is what she ... 2684 views

Miss Poison 15

Butt bombs are Miss Poison’s specialty, and you are in for a real treat as this sultry Latina MILF gives you gasser after gasser that stink to high heaven. Miss Poison is a curvaceous treat that cannot stop once the methane starts to escape her big... 2260 views

Miss Poison 16

With her long nails framing her stinky pucker, Miss poison is going to give you quite a smelly show! Her big backside was teeming with gas, so this hot Latina MILF got up nice and close to the camera to share every putrid detail with you. Miss Poison... 3646 views

Miss Poison 17

The view could not be any more intimate than when sexy MILF Miss Poison perches on the rim of her tub, shakes her ass and farts in your face! Her bodacious backside is burdened with a lot of loud pucker burners, and she wants to share every single st... 3323 views

Miss Poison 18

Lingerie-clad MILF knockout Miss Poison was slated for a sexy evening, but before she could get her freak on, she had to get her insides in check! Join her as she holds court on the throne to expel gas and waste into the bowl. The putrid air biscuits... 3422 views

Miss Poison 19

Dirty MILF Miss Poison packs a lot of punch into each smelly performance, and she is quite a sight with her big stinky ass working overtime, and her sizable fun bags spilling out of her bra! Her curvaceous body is a wonderland and a huge treat for fa... 3735 views

Miss Poison 20

A naked Miss Poison farting is a gift you can give yourself! Today, we have our sexy resident Latina MILF fully in the buff and at her absolute stinkiest! Enjoy all of the stimulating sensations as she has her big bare ass in your face for a loud, st... 2966 views

Miss Poison 21

With her curvaceous body wrapped in a sexy fishnet bodysuit, luscious Miss Poison is looking like a real snack! If hardcore smells and sizable asses are your jam, this Latina MILF is certain to help you get the job done! Her loud gassers pack a speci... 2546 views

Miss Poison 22

Chunky starlet Miss Poison hopes to carry out a sexy plan that includes her sitting on your face and sullying your skin with her stink! Let her perch above you as you breathe in her farts while her pussy is in full view. There is something so hot abo... 2276 views

Miss Poison 23

The spews and splatters escaping Miss Poison’s big ass are fucking fantastic! Ass stench aficionados are going to love what this MILF is serving as she has dolled herself up in sexy blue lingerie to share all of her rancid butt burps. She brings so... 2941 views

Miss Poison 24

Curvaceous siren Miss Poison is widely celebrated for her ability to bust out some extended stinkers, and during this naked fart session, the Latina MILF goes overboard with her ridiculously raunchy fartability! She is going to blow your mind with he... 2290 views