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Search Results for: Kitty Deville

Kitty Deville

New model Kitty Deville is going to impress you in every manner imaginable! Gassy Kitty is a perfect ten and presents herself to you for the first time with her sexy lips painted red and her hot body hugged by pink lingerie. Her stink factor is comme... 2443 views

Kitty Deville 2

Naked Kitty Deville is a divine sight when she is baring it all, including her stinky butt! Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells as this barefoot, bare-bottomed bombshell feeds you as much stench as you can handle. Her body is perfection, but her boot... 1967 views

Kitty Deville 3

Dynamic doll Kitty Deville will certainly stimulate the sum of your senses as she presents herself in sexy red lingerie and aims her ass toward your face to grant you the full effect of her stinky farts. Hope you are ready for some obnoxious sounds, ... 1761 views

Kitty Deville 4

There is no better seat in the house than when gorgeous Kitty Deville is perched above your face and launching farts in your direction! She is a hot mess, but the key word is hot, as this stinky starlet really has it going on. When she is feeling gas... 3487 views

Kitty Deville 5

Looking like a snack in hot black lingerie, prepossessing fox Kitty Deville points her sweet ass toward the camera and proceeds to omit stinky farts that head directly for your waiting nose. Kitty is so fucking sexy, and time spent with her is someth... 1913 views

Kitty Deville 6

Tattooed goddess Kitty Deville is devilishly sexy with a personality as endearing as her sexy smile and awesome ass. Her top kink is farting for her fans, so pull up a seat and let her serve up the stinkers you savor. Kitty’s smelly scents linger, ... 3013 views

Kitty Deville 7

Unforgettable Ms. Deville is craving attention once again, and she is primed to fart up a storm while looking like a perfect ten in a designer black bra and panty set. These farts are going to fulfill your craving for some nasty odors with a deliciou... 1622 views

Kitty Deville 8

Unfortunate babe Kitty Deville thought she was being discreet when she slipped into the loo, slid down her sexy black panties and settled herself on the toilet. However, a bathroom camera caught all of her dastardly antics, including some of the most... 2347 views

Kitty Deville 9

Fans of pornstars farting will love seeing sultry brunette Kitty Deville doing her thing while perched on the edge of a bathtub! She is perfection in every way and eager to get your motor running with the gas she has saved just for you! POV farting h... 3147 views

Kitty, Tracey & Stacey

Kitty vs. Tracey vs. Stacey. Wow, talk about fart-o-rama! This is our first 3 girl fart contest, and man was it stinky! Kitty is wearing a thong, so is Tracy and Stacey has got on some spandex pants. There is so much farting going on in this clip tha... 11737 views

Bitten 2

Bitten has returned and she's about to take a nap but she's got a horrible belly ache and needs to fart her pain away. She's wearing a white tube top and pink kitty booty shorts, very sexy! She is on the couch and she even rolls over and onto the flo... 7202 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6621 views

Kitty 2

Kitty is back for another farting session! This sweet, sexy brunette has got some nasty smelling gas. She has to work these ones out because they are coming from deep down in her bowels. By the time they come out they are hot, stinky silent gassy typ... 4185 views

Kitty 3

Kitty is back for a femdom farting clip. In this clip, Kitty gets bitchy! She just had a small dick fuck her ass and it filled her up with tons of air and she needs to get it all out, so get ready for some really nasty smelling farts! You're going to... 4491 views

Kitty 4

Kitty has decided to give you some nice, loud hard-surface farts on a granite counter top. She's only got on a dress and a pair of thong panties so her bare ass sounds very nice as it vibrates on the polished counter. She gets into lots of positions ... 3447 views

Kitty 5

Kitty has joined us again to do a panty hose farting session. She is eager to try to "blow a hole in her panty hose using fart pressure" as she says. We'll see about that but, we'll enjoy watching her attempt, right? If you have a panty hose fetish, ... 3403 views

Stacey and Kitty

Stacey and Kitty have decided to get together and see who can fart louder and stinkier! Stacey is in a tank top and a tight pair of jeans that makes her farts sound nice and tight as they vibrate against her pants. Kitty is wearing a bra and thong pa... 8524 views

Stacey and Kitty 2

Stacey and Kitty are back and have decided to have a toilet-farting contest! They take turns farting on the stool to see who can cut the biggest, longest, loudest farts! They get into all kinds of fun positions above the toilet trying to push all the... 15250 views

Tracey and Kitty

Tracey and Kitty got together to have a fart contest. They are both in tank tops and thong panties. They are both pretty close competitors and they both blast a quite a few good butt-bubbles but you'll have to decide who wins because for us, it was j... 4301 views

Tracey and Kitty 2

Tracey and Kitty have returned (together!) for more sexy female farts! They have decided to get together and have a bed fart contest! Kitty is wearing a sexy pink dress with some purple thong panties while Tracey has got on a black one piece sexy out... 4645 views

Victoria DeVille

Victoria is our newest farting booty here at fart fantasy. She has never done anything like this before! A farting virgin, perfect. This sexy, petite latina girl has got some of the nastiest smelling gas around. - And she thinks it's the funniest thi... 6868 views

Victoria DeVille 2

Victoria, our cute new latina fart girl is back for another stink session! This cutie can't stop farting and she thinks it's just hilarious. In this clip she's wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white tshirt with rolled up sleeves. For such a petite... 6852 views

Victoria DeVille 3

Victoria has returned and is gassy as ever! This cute little latina can't stop laughing at her own farts, she thinks it's just fucking hilarious! It's so cute. In this clip she's farting in bed and has got on a white tank top and a pair of tight deni... 9128 views

Victoria DeVille 4

Victoria, our spicey little giggle box favorite latina fart-machine is back for more butt blasting! Aren't you excited? We are! This clip is loaded with loud, hot stinkers blasting from her tight little booty. In this video she's got a black long sle... 4796 views