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Search Results for: Julie Ginger

Julie Ginger

BBW Julie Ginger is a whole lotta’ woman! She is brand new to farting for the camera, and the growlers she pushes into her denim shorts make the coolest sounds. There’s a surplus of pressure being applied as sexy Julie clears her insides of peste... 2744 views

Julie Ginger 2

SSBBW Julie Ginger commands attention due to her size and bubbly personality, and for fart fanatics, she is a favorite due to her extremely stinky backside. Her huge ass is a product of a poor diet, and her fierce farts are an extension of the flawed... 2102 views

Julie Ginger 3

Jolly, belly-jiggling Julie Ginger is a total load of fun when she farts for her fans! Despite her plus-size status, she knows how to use every inch of her physique to get a fart aficionado’s motor running. Today, during her gassy state, she has a ... 1606 views

Julie Ginger 4

Busty broad Julie Ginger gets the most bang for her buck when she farts while standing upright and grabbing her big belly or shaking her big butt. Watch her as she does exactly what it takes to rip stinky farts in an effort to get her insides less bu... 1484 views

Julie Ginger 5

Huge-assed Julie Ginger has the power to stink you out of the room. Sorry about that! Join her smelly antics if you feel as if you can handle this amount of stench!! 1857 views

Julie Ginger 6

Julie Ginger’s jaw-dropping ass in a sexy thong is all a SSBBW-lover needs to see when his mission is to witness the worst big-butt farts imaginable! This plus-sized vixen is fixin’ to give you all you want in the form of formidable stench and th... 968 views

Julie Ginger 7

While big-boned Julie Ginger shows off her mighty ass while farting, she also shared views of her filthy feet. Nothing about this tart is ladylike, as she lives to celebrate extremes, especially when it comes to her fart fetish. Check out Julie as sh... 1733 views

Julie Ginger 8

When large lady Julie Ginger goes to battle with her toilet, it’s a draw which party will come out ahead! Check out Ms. Ginger as she settles in on the seat and makes a scary mess of the bowl with all the nasty gas and such that is making its way o... 1835 views

Julie Ginger 9

Plus-sized Julie Ginger, looking cute in a floral ensemble, took her place on the throne and got busy getting rid of gas that was causing a terrible belly ache. She sure looked sexy as she squeezed out the gassers on the toilet before her tummy was f... 2553 views

Savanna Ginger 1

Savanna knows how to relax, taking it easy in her bra and panties, drinking soda. But all that soda comes with a price: lots and lots of gas in her stomach! In a quest to get more comfortable, the underwear comes off, letting her big tits and voluptu... 3606 views

Savanna Ginger 2

Savanna's thong panties have been up her ass all day, but they need more stink, so she starts farting while rubbing them all over her ass! Savanna will not settle for anything less than the perfect anal funk so she sniffs her panties to test the taco... 2288 views

Savanna Ginger 3

The magnificent Savanna wants you to smell everything coming out of her ass. With you down on the floor she gets her ass as close to you as she can and rides your face on a wave of gas! Determined to make you smell her $hit, Savanna bounces above you... 2255 views

Savanna Ginger 4

Poor, gassy Savanna. She's all dolled up in her vintage lingerie, but she can't go anywhere until all the nasty waste is out of her bum! Bravely she mounts the toilet and tries to keep as much of her dignity as she can while her bowels burn, but the ... 2603 views

Savanna Ginger 5

Savanna should not have eaten the sushi! That tiny top may be holding up her big boobs, but she can't hold in the toxic mess that lurks within her bowels. Watch Savanna's entire body recoil with the force of dubious seafood! You can practically hear ... 2549 views

Savanna Ginger 6

Savanna is desperate to get in the bathroom but her friend is taking her sweet time in there. All of Savanna's gas has nowhere to go except into the mouth of her fart licking friend! He craves her desperate farts and becomes the dirty little fart lic... 3583 views

Savanna Ginger 7

Savanna has heard some strange requests in her day, but you wanting to smell her farts has completely grossed her out! This scarlet siren warms up to the idea quickly, however, and begins warming the room with her anal outbursts! That doesn't make he... 2249 views

Savanna Ginger 8

Savanna is so sexy, yet so shy. She's horny and wants to masturbate for you, but her farts keep embarrassing her! This sexy exhibitionist quickly adapts, though. She makes her farts part of her sensual exploration, raising her legs and letting them r... 3676 views

Savanna Ginger 9

Maybe Savanna can't quite penetrate her asshole with your monster cock, but she's got a backup plan: take your cock and fart all over it! Not afraid to love a cock or her own body in every possible way, Savanna rubs that manhood all over her stinky a... 1946 views

Savanna Ginger 10

Savanna's love of pizza comes with a heavy price. She keeps her sexy figure, bu the slimy Italian treat wreaks havoc on her bowels! Soon Savanna has to lift her tight white skirt just to let the pepperoni farts escape! Her big ass is filled with gas ... 2326 views

Savanna Ginger 11

Savanna has a big night planned so she is getting all her gas out before she hits the town! As she gets dressed, farts force their way out of her ass and Savanna does what she can to help them escape. With a solid ass shake or a firm thrust off her b... 2210 views

Savanna Ginger 12

Savanna lies on he bed clad in luscious pink. She's attempting to masturbate quietly and is aided by a few quiet farts! She lifts those gorgeous legs, exposing both of her holes so her fingers can access the one in front and the farts can wiggle free... 3678 views

Savanna Ginger 13

Tonight, as a special surprise, Savanna is granting you the privilege of jerking off to her farts. This leggy beauty shakes her legs as you stroke your cock, guiding you to excitement as you lick the farts from her ass. With her thong pulled aside Sa... 3525 views

Savanna Ginger 14

Savanna can't even make it onto the toilet before her ass blares a frightening fart! It is only a taste of what is to come, though. Savanna's strong, punch farts pack a wallop in terms of smell and ther eare plenty of them stored up in Savanna's bell... 2291 views

Savanna Ginger 15

Savanna's farts are dirty, there's no doubt about it. But she knows that you are the one who is dirty enough to put your cock right up to her asshole and get it farted on! Savanna commands you to lie beneath while she, like the goddess in white garme... 2726 views