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Search Results for: Friday


Watch out! Friday has to go! This gassy girl looks stunning in a short, white dress, but what’s happening with her ass is anything but impressive! She’s full of toots and is taking out her gassy state on her commode. Friday’s clamoring ass make... 7726 views

Friday 2

Friday is a fiery female who wants to get to know you by farting in your face! She doesn’t find farting offensive at all, unless she uses it to dominate! As she pulls her thong to the side to shroud your face in stench, she giggles like a little gi... 5420 views

Friday 3

Friday is such a fun woman, and she giggles like a girl when she gives you the farts you love. She holds nothing back as she pushes those honks out of her curvy ass and instructs you to engage in some hardcore stroking while she farts on your dick. H... 5599 views

Friday 4

Friday is so silly! Gas has overtaken her tummy, and instead of just farting in the bathroom, she has taken a glass end table topper and pressed it against her curvy cheeks to fart against the clear glass. Her big butt looks all smushed, but still cu... 5153 views

Friday 5

Freaky Friday creates a win-win situation as she rubs her pussy while giving you the farts you love! As her big titties spill out of her lingerie, this menacing MILF is on her back, rubbing her cunt with such enthusiasm. She knows how to make herself... 7264 views

Friday 6

Naked as a jaybird and stinky as a sewer is exactly how we like to see saucy MILF Friday, and her latest fart session sees her in exactly this state. Exposing her busy ass hole in fabulous slow-motion makes her display that much more enticing. The co... 6523 views

Friday 7

Take a peek at Friday’s phenomenal ass in a blue thong! She’s quite a looker, and she’s also one of the stinkiest MILFs around. She pulls that blue thong to the side and lets it all go. She’s got gas, and she’s holding nothing back! Wow, do... 6317 views