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Search Results for: Cupcake SinClair

Cupcake SinClair

The first time we meet adorable ebony Cupcake SinClair, she is fresh from a night of romance with her fella, but the meal he prepared left her so gassy! The fried beans really did a number on her tummy. As Cupcake writhed around the bed in pain, curs... 3846 views

Cupcake SinClair 2

Drinking and noshing at a party left ebony BBW Cupcake SinClair in a world of hurt! She was cursing her poor decisions as her belly was in knots after her festive evening out. This poor young lady could not even maintain a steady breathing pace as sh... 3402 views

Cupcake SinClair 3

Looking cuter than ever in a black bra and thong set, dark-skinned delight Cupcake SinClair battled belly gas that yielded hot farts that burned coming out. Even the SBD farts hurt her ass pucker as she panted her way through one of the worst cheek s... 3029 views

Cupcake SinClair 4

Ebony looker Cupcake SinClair was supposed to enjoy a luxurious date night with her main fellow, but before she meets the bloke, she must deal with a hefty bout of gas. Will she be able to leave the home? Well, that totally depends on her tenacious s... 2752 views

Cupcake SinClair 5

Perpetual party girl Cupcake SinClair spent a night out imbibing and eating greasy food to soak up the liquor. This left her belly a hot mess, so she was overrun with gas. Ms. SinClair wants to go out again, but first she has to rid her tummy of the ... 2877 views

Cupcake SinClair 6

It takes a bit for curvaceous Cupcake SinClair to get her gassers to escape her big ass, but once she gets the ball rolling, she is finally able to find some degree of relief. She eats so poorly and never seems to remember the agony she goes through ... 2635 views

Cupcake SinClair 7

Perpetual party girl Cupcake SinClair cannot stand being gassy, and when she is in the mood to go out with her gal pals, she has next to no patience for flatulence! Check out this breathy ebony BBW as she desperately tries to rid her big booty of fet... 3453 views

Cupcake SinClair 8

Desperate to rid her tummy of methane before work, Cupcake SinClair was a hot mess in the bathroom. She feared being late and upsetting her boss, but no way could she go to work when her ass was working overtime with the gnarliest sphincter whistles ... 4774 views

Cupcake SinClair 9

Cupcake SinClair could barely handle the agony of having a belly full of farts and waste to rid herself of. She is always so loud and distressed when gassy, and this fateful bathroom break was no exception. The sounds of her plight were amplified by ... 3192 views

Cupcake SinClair 10

Naked ebony hottie Cupcake SinClair was in a terrible state as she strived to rid her big booty of boisterous gas. These farts were foul and shrouded her living room in stink. Ms. SinClair was not about to back down, as she had no choice but to keep ... 4511 views

Cupcake SinClair 11

Wide-bottomed Cupcake SinClair looks spectacular in a coordinating bra and panty set. However, her stinky state takes her to dirty places as she pushes farts through those sexy panties. Some of them are so wet, but she continues to let ‘em rip as s... 2482 views

Cupcake SinClair 12

Yummy ebony Cupcake SinClair was feeling the worst kind of belly pain, and she had no choice but to get to work getting that gas released. Dressed in a cute plaid bra and black thong, Cupcake readily admits that she made some poor food choices, which... 2730 views

Cupcake SinClair 13

When gassy, lovely black ebony Cupcake SinClair becomes so loud and frustrated. She was really agonizing over the swirling belly gas, and finally, after multiple fetid farts escaping her big tush, she found some sort of semblance of relief! Join her ... 3013 views

Cupcake SinClair 14

The huge black ass of Cupcake SinClair is something else! When she is gassy, she is a fart fan’s ultimate eye candy! Join her as she busts out ass burps that will blow your mind…if you can handle the toxic stench escaping her full backside! 3752 views

Cupcake SinClair 15

Cupcake SinClair can always be counted on for her nasty gassers, but this time, her prolonged poots pack an extra punch! She was so completely overrun with gas and had a hell of a time working all the methane out of her belly. Ms. SinClair was perche... 2489 views

Cupcake SinClair 16

Revel in the view as big-boned naked ebony Cupcake SinClair plops her ass onto the pot to do some seriously grueling work. She found herself overrun with gas and waste and just had to rid her tush of the toxic mess she was dealing with. A well-placed... 2468 views

Cupcake SinClair 17

Expressive Cupcake SinClair pleads with her belly for relief as she works hard on the toilet to finally feel better. She wants nothing more than to no longer have that acidic gas swirling around her stomach, and the process to get it all into the bow... 2757 views

Cupcake SinClair 18

Looking her sexiest in shiny purple panties, sexy black babe Cupcake SinClair had some hard work to do when she was plagued with gas that just did not want to work its way out of her curvaceous booty. Check her out as she keeps her ass in the air and... 2815 views

Cupcake SinClair 19

Big-bottomed ebony Cupcake Sinclair is at her gassiest today, and she is in a terrible state. She has methane swirling around in her belly that was causing so much pain. For the longest time, she worked her body around on the bed, determined to find ... 2952 views