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Search Results for: Benji


Sexy, slender ebony babe Benji is new on the scene and eager to show off her chocolate butt pucker as she farts in your face for the first time. She is not shy and gets off on showing off that perky black tushy of hers! Enjoy the sight and stink fact... 3044 views

Benji 2

Perky ebony darling Benji is a leggy wonder who excels when stinking up a room while in the nude. Check out this tattooed angel as she exposes her stinky asshole and lets you sniff up all of her smelly offerings. Benji is a beauty who doesn’t hold ... 2264 views

Benji 3

Hot and gassy Benji takes class and ass to an elite level! She looks like a dream in a high-end blue robe with a black lace embellishment that tickles her tiny booty while she farts like mad. Here is a young miss who is not afraid to blow stale wind ... 2299 views

Benji 4

Benji is a petite babe, but don’t let her small stature fool you. She is a stinky siren! Here she is naked and farting like mad, which will get you going in ways you have only imagined. Fans of stinky black girls will love everything ebony hottie B... 2171 views

Benji 5

Lovely Benji is back, and she has a special facesitting date all set up for your viewing pleasure. Let this slender maven perch above your nose so you can sniff up all of her savory anal offerings! There is so much smell coming from her cute booty, a... 2258 views

Benji 6

Naked ebony Benji is geared up for a super fun and super stinky fart session that fills the room with her obnoxious odors. There is nothing to filter the farts escaping her cute fanny as she pushes out gas that is simply sexy and overly offensive! 1610 views

Benji 7

Fetching young lady Benji was feeling rather gassy and she was compelled to film her antics, for your viewing pleasure! Her cute little booty busts out some seriously rancid offerings, which is as sexy as it is shocking! Enjoy the view as she keeps f... 1609 views

Benji 8

Svelte starlet Benji has something marvelous for you! She plans to perch herself on the edge of her bathtub and let nature take its course! She is beyond gassy, and all of her nasty stinkers are going to knock you out in all the right ways! Step into... 2815 views

Benji 9

Gorgeous Benji was all hyped up for a lively day at the beach and looking like an angel in designer swimwear. Unfortunately, a daunting problem arose when she found herself needing to unload on the toilet to get rid of all the gas and waste bloating ... 1642 views

Benji 10

Take a look at beautiful Benji’s tiny ass up close and from afar while she lets some major rippers fly freely! Despite her slender frame, her loud farts are outrageous! Benji is a babe without shame, and that’s why we love her so much! 2192 views

Benji 11

The ass-scented methane coming from Benji’s tiny tush is shocking, to say the least! This slim siren has so much nastiness collected in her stomach, and she has to liberate the lewd gasses causing her such extreme discomfort or her belly ache will ... 1610 views

Benji 12

Playful Benji found herself battling a horrific belly ache and she decided that getting naked and passing gas would be the fastest route to relief. Her slim, tattooed physique is awesome to watch in action, and she did all she could to fill the room ... 1609 views

Benji 13

Time to gear up for a great time as sultry ebony Benji hikes up her barely there skirt, exposes her tiny ass and proceeds to blow stale wind in your face. These nasty gassers are induced by her eating something funky, so one can easily imagine the st... 2600 views

Benji 14

Small-chested ebony Benji is naked and revealing all of herself as she pushes stale air into the room on her quest for better belly health. Outrageous farts plagued her big time, and she had nothing else to do but fart out all the discomfort while sh... 1847 views

Benji 15

Enjoy the view as bold beauty Benji perches above your sniffer and regales you with stinky blasts coming from her sexy ass. This POV facesitting session is designed to sate your cravings for stink and give you the nasty stinkers that get you fired up... 2296 views

Benji 16

Beguiling minx Benji’s tummy is hurting her so badly that she can barely speak in more than a whisper! But what is rather audible are her nasty farts! She must get herself to feel better, so she pushes out those whoppers which sound so cool coming ... 2124 views

Benji 17

Angelic Benji presents herself to you in a sexy tight dress, and seems she forgot to wear panties! The lack of underthings makes her ass whistles come through loud and clear as she lifts her dress and shares her stinkers with you. Benji is a perfect ... 1900 views

Benji 18

Poor Benji found herself overwhelmed with gas, and she had to fire some stink missiles into the potty to get her tiny belly feeling less bloated. A girl this slender cannot stay inflated on the inside! Join smelly Benji as she tackles the task at han... 1634 views