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Search Results for: Bella Rossi

Bella Rossi

New model Bella Rossi, is a class act from the bottom to the top. During her debut, she donned a high-end pink lingerie set that hugged her in all the right places! She is so stunning, and loved farting on film after nachos left her gassy as hell. Co... 1460 views

Bella Rossi 2

Big-breasted Bella Rossi overate Chinese food while on a date. Her fella came over after, and she had to hold in all the gas the foreign fare produced. Once he left for the night, she was finally able to get the gas out of her insides while she recou... 961 views

Bella Rossi 3

A day out with gal pals saw smelly MILF Bella Rossi eating Indian fare, and the curry and chai tea did a number on her tummy. She got home and stripped down to her sexy black skivvies and began to let the farts trapped in her tush out into the room. ... 794 views

Bella Rossi 4

After hitting up her favorite BBQ joint, sweet and sexy MILF Bella Rossi had some meat-smelling farts that just had to come out. This honey noshed on brisket, pulled pork, fried okra and beans galore! She admitted that the room started to smell like ... 878 views

Bella Rossi 5

Continental breakfast kicked Bella Rossi’s ass! She was at a hotel for a work conference, and the hotel morning offerings caused her to overeat and develop a tummy full of gas. With meetings scheduled later in the day, Bella must get her belly in b... 995 views

Bella Rossi 6

Hanging with friends for the big game led Bella Rossi to munch on stuff all day. The sausages and cheese did not settle well in her belly, and her gassy state is your gain. Bella kept belting out farts, filling her room with awful stench. Her white a... 1265 views

Bella Rossi 7

Lactose-intolerant Bella Rossi’s swollen belly and gassy state were due to her overdoing it on ice cream, chocolate cake and a delectable serving of tiramisu. Bella was hell bent on expressing all the nasty gas doing battle with her insides, as she... 929 views

Bella Rossi 8

Mongolian mall food strikes again! Garlic farts that sting and stink on the way out are what sexy MILF Bella Rossi is dealing with at the moment! Prepare to get a nose-full of her extended gassy rippers that make her cute ass pucker a bit sore with j... 1051 views

Bella Rossi 9

Bella Rossi snuck into the bathroom to contend with the awful gas in her belly caused by her overeating curry. She knows that spicy Indian food does not do her tummy well, and her lack of self-control while consuming the foreign fare left her in a to... 1274 views

Bella Rossi 10

Bella Rossi sped into the bathroom and yanked down her jean shorts just in time! She got all that nasty gas out of her tushy and pushed as hard as she could to get rid of all the waste collected in her insides. Bella is such a divine woman, and her f... 1046 views

Bella Rossi 11

Bella Rossi admits to having spent some time eating lots of fruits and brewin’ up some toots! She is filled with farts and blames the severity of the scents on five-bean chili, gyros and hummus. Whatever it is she ate, she nearly gassed herself out... 929 views

Bella Rossi 12

Bella Rossi is back, and beefy pasta with a slew of onions made her farts smell extra foul! She is in agony in bed as she turns and tosses with her big tits almost falling out of her floral dress. Bella is a sexy MILF who is at her best when sharing ... 643 views

Bella Rossi 13

When seductive Bella Rossi shows off her naked physique, she proudly states that she has some “toot toots for you.” Her deep-pitchy ass flappers are something else! Her long-winded first ripper is a real barn-burner. As she rids her insides of st... 683 views

Bella Rossi 14

Bella Rossi admits that whoever smells the chair she is farting on is going to experience a total flavor pallet! Curvy Bella’s love of tasty tacos is her downfall, as they make her produce the wettest, wildest farts that sometimes even leave skid m... 537 views

Bella Rossi 15

Fetching MILF Bella Rossi has such a nasty ass, and when she rushed into the potty and hiked up her sexy red dress to drop a load, the sounds and smells were something else! Her farts were ferocious. For such a classy lady, she sure knows how to tear... 1044 views

Bella Rossi 16

Treasured MILF starlet Bella Rossi looks outstanding in a sexy cocktail dress, but before she goes about her day, she must address the rumbling in her tummy! The gas she is dealing with results in some putrid butt blasts, and the great view is all yo... 535 views

Bella Rossi 17

Greasy grilled cheese sandwiches, including smoked mozzarella and other stinky cheeses, left lactose-intolerant Bella Rossi rather gassy. As she’s filled with farts, Bella wants you to come along with her and smell the result of her unhealthy meal.... 665 views

Bella Rossi 18

Carne asada and guacamole strike again! Bella Rossi treated herself to Mexican food, and the result was a fart-filled afternoon as she worked hard to digest all the spicy fare. She wondered if probiotics would be in order, but Bella resorted to just ... 352 views

Bella Rossi 19

Flirtatious MILF Bella Rossi suggests that her farts sound like a moped, and she is not wrong! Her farts are far too manly for someone as sweet as she is, but that is what makes them so alluring when stench is what it takes to get your motor running!... 368 views

Bella Rossi 20

Bella Rossi had a rougher time than normal working out loud farts during a rousing POV facesitting session. She found that adding a bit of bounce to her booty helps her foul farts make their way into the world to spew stench directly in your face whi... 85 views

Bella Star

There is no finer means of getting to know someone new than by checking out her ass as she passes gassers in sexy slow-motion! Join a very alluring starlet, Bella Star, as she makes her tummy feel better by letting loud, obnoxious farts bust out of h... 5787 views

Bella Star 2

Loud honks and silent-but-deadly blips are what Bella Star has going on as she's laid out on her lounger, in the buff, making impressive gassers with her sexy butt! Her belly is giving her fits, but she's quite a good sport by sharing this farty spec... 4781 views

Bella Star 3

Sniffing her own ass makes sensuous Bella Star so wet! This wanton woman looks amazing in a pink top and no bottoms as she farts up a storm and rubs her sweet pussy with purpose! When she sniffs her farts off her own fingers, she becomes even more tu... 7823 views

Bella Star 4

Leggy Bella Star has rushed into the restroom to release gassers into the pot and let nature take its course. She looks so sweet stationed on the seat as she fills the small bathroom with her awful stink. Once she's finished, she feels better, but th... 4463 views