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Search Results for: Baby B

Cheyenne Jewel and Baby Doll 2

Cheyenne and Baby Doll are here to lick each others' farting asses today - WOO-HOO! Cheyenne sits on Baby Doll's face and while Baby Doll is licking her ass, Cheyenne farts in Baby Doll's mouth! Then she blasts one so hard, you can see the surprise i... 18396 views


Today we introduce a sexy ebony girl named Baby. She went to the Burrito Shack and it did a number on her belly. She's wearing a short-short dress and no panties, so she leans over and blasts some nasty burrito farts, then waves the stench right into... 6536 views

Baby 2

Remember Baby, the hot sexy ebony number from last week? Well, she came back today with another bellyful of gas for you! She's nude on the bed, and the camera zooms in on her asshole as she blows sexy ass-kisses into your face! Then she lays on her b... 5453 views

Baby 3

Sexy Baby says you're in for another fart marathon, then she drops her shorts and starts blasting farts ! You can see that cute round booty struggling to get the gas out! Baby lays back in a rimming position and blasts farts up into the air, then she... 5889 views

Baby 4

Little ebony Baby is going to continue her fart marathon today! She lays on her tummy and the camera zooms right in on her asshole as she starts blasting farts! They're not even big nasty farts either; but rather, cute little Baby farts! She gets up ... 5313 views

Baby 5

Little ebony Baby is nude on a chair. She sticks her ass in the camera and it looks like her asshole is blowing kisses at you when she blasts her farts - NICE! She's got her legs spread and you can really see up there good! Baby's got a lot of gas to... 4745 views

Baby 6

Ebony Baby is in the fart chair today! She's perched atop the coffee table and the camera is up underneath! You can see her asshole open and close and open and close as she farts - AWESOME! Everything is all spread out under there, and you get the po... 6396 views

Baby 7

Baby runs into the bathroom like she has to go, and sits quickly on the toilet. She lifts one cheek and blasts a big fart, then another, then another! The camera is zoomed in on her asshole and you can see it open as she blasts out that stinky gas - ... 8340 views

Baby Doll

Making her debut today is Baby Doll, who ate something bad so she blasts some huge farts! Baby Doll is wearing an ultra-short denim skirt with a thong strap today. She pulls her thong to the side and gives you a peek at her bare asshole as she farts!... 4883 views

Baby Doll 2

Baby Doll is back, and she's got a tummy ache today, and she's bloated with gas! Baby Doll is wearing thong panties and matching bra, and she lays on her stomach and pulls her thong to the side and lets loose with some of the longest, nastiest, stink... 5216 views

Baby Doll 3

Cute little Baby Doll returns, and today she runs into the bathroom wearing a red bikini, and immediately removes her bikini bottom and sits on the toilet and blasts a fart! Baby Doll is really full of gas today, and she just keeps blasting fart afte... 4348 views

Baby Doll 4

Baby Doll comes into the bathroom with a stomach ache. He pulls down her shorts and sits on the toilet and blasts some farts into the bowl - NICE! The camera zooms in from underneath so you can see her bare ass in action! Baby Doll grabs one cheek an... 4872 views

Baby Doll 5

Baby Doll returns to entertain you, and today she's wearing a cute tropical bikini! She pulls those tropical bikini bottoms to the side, and lets a small fart squeak out. The camera zooms in on her ass as Baby Doll shakes it to work out some gas! She... 3866 views

Baby Doll 6

Baby Doll is wearing a really cute blue skirt today, which she pulls up to reveal her bare ass! She farts right into the camera, and you can see her bare asshole farting over and over and over! How so much loud, stinky gas can come out of such a cute... 7132 views

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll

Remember the new girl from yesterday, named Baby Doll? Well, today she's back, and she brought her girlfriend Candice with her! The girls are on the bed snuggling, when Candice sticks her ass in Baby Doll's face and blasts a big fat fart right throug... 10680 views

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll 2

Length: 6:21 Baby Doll has a tummy ache, so decides to fart on Candice\'s face! Candice wants to lick some farting ass today, so Baby Doll farts on Candice\'s tongue - WOW! Candice smacks Baby Doll\'s ass and makes her fart some more. You c... 10680 views

Candy Amore vs Veronica Jett 4

Candy and Veronica are on the toilet today - oh yeah! These two sexy fart babes hold farting contest to see who can make the loudest echo in the bowl. Veronica is wearing a baby t-shirt and some booty-short panties, which she pulls off to fart. Cand... 4390 views

Cheyenne Jewel and Baby Doll

Cheyenne and Baby Doll have paired up today to fart in each others faces! The girls get into a 69 shape, and Baby Doll farts right into Cheyenne's nose - repeatedly! Cheyenne sure does like Baby Doll's ass, and all the gas that comes out of it, too! ... 5003 views

Cheyenne Jewel and Baby Doll 2

Cheyenne and Baby Doll are here to lick each others' farting asses today - WOO-HOO! Cheyenne sits on Baby Doll's face and while Baby Doll is licking her ass, Cheyenne farts in Baby Doll's mouth! Then she blasts one so hard, you can see the surprise i... 10682 views

Hanna Cruz 12

Hanna is back and she's on the couch today. She's wearing a blue and white striped baby t shirt and a pair of pink ruffly thong panties! Very sexy. She bends over, lays on her back and side and even pulls her panties over to show you some close up sh... 3530 views

Justice Jade 2

Justice is back and today she's on the couch with Taco-Gas! She loves mexican food but it always gives her gas, every time. This hot ebony babe has some of the worst smelling and nasty sounding gas yet, beautiful! She's wearing a blue baby T shirt an... 4555 views

Justice Jade 3

Justice is back to fart again! She's got some bad gas from eating a bunch of lazagna over at her friend's house. The pasta and cheese must not be agreeing with her belly because her farts stink! She's sitting in a chair wearing a tight blue baby T sh... 4063 views

Madison Leigh 16

Madison is just relaxing on the couch today and she happens to be a bit gassy! Lucky us! She's just hanging out in a pink baby t shirt and a pair of lovely white cotton full bottom panties - terrific! She's got some nice butt-busters locked up in the... 3829 views

Nyeema 4

Nyeema is just chilling at her computer, visiting FartFantasy while she's farting in her chair herself! She's got on a cute, very short baby tshirt on with some tight white booty shorts on. Her farts are loud and very stinky! It was hard to film this... 3874 views