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Search Results for: Amber cream

Amber Cream

Sweet and sassy Amber Cream is not accustomed to farting in front of others, but on a very gassy day, she pushes dastardly blasts through her short denim shorts, and the sound and smell are atrocious! There is not a shy bone in this girl’s body, an... 5122 views

Amber Cream 2

Captivating Amber Cream casually walks into her bathroom and careful places her hot ass on the pot after she has slid her sexy bikini bottom to her knees. Poor thing is battling some serious gas, and her little tush is giving it all its got to get th... 4741 views

Amber Cream 3

Amber Cream does not mess around! She knows you love her filthy farts, and she knows her hot body makes you hard. Equipped with the intimate knowledge of your kinks, Miss Cream goes crazy giving you all the gassers escaping her ebony ass hole. She wa... 6016 views

Amber Cream 4

Your girlfriend, Amber Cream, grew tired of always doing what you want in the bedroom. It is time to do something she enjoys, so she is going to make you sniff up her farts. Hopefully you deem her dark chocolate center sexy because she’s sharing ex... 4099 views

Amber Cream 5

Peek in on Miss Amber Cream giving her black kitty a phenomenal massage while her chocolate pucker produces an array of audible delights! This gassy girl is a horny little vixen, and her self-pleasure is in no way interrupted by the urgency she feels... 6495 views

Amber Cream 6

Have you ever seen a pucker stretch like this? Amber Cream’s gassy spot is so sexy in slow-motion, and when she pulls her cheeks apart, it’s perfection. Miss Cream’s busy pucker would love the opportunity to say hello and share some circular st... 5745 views

Amber Cream 7

Join stinky Amber Cream as she’s tootin’ up a storm in a sexy red thong, while complaining nonstop about her tumultuous tummy. She’s a gassy girl today, and her hot ass pucker is teeming with stale wind. She’s a sexy kitten with a putrid ass,... 6530 views

Amber Cream 8

Amber Cream’s sweet ass looks fantastic up close as she treats you to some very ladylike toots while her soft, chocolate body is in the buff. Miss Cream knows what makes you hard, and she is really amping up the sexy with her soft voice asking if y... 6941 views

Amber Cream 9

Amber Cream’s belly is giving her fits, and like the lady she is, she escaped to her bathroom to unload in the toilet, and the smell is unbelievable. Sure she looks sexy as heck her barely there pink little number, but that’s where the femininity... 5203 views

Amber Cream 10

Amber Cream is pretty pleased you treated her so well during your romantic date, but unfortunately, the Indian food you treated her to has left her extremely gassy. You didn’t think your date would be so free with her farts, did you? Amber hikes up... 4546 views

Amber Cream 11

Bikini-clad Amber Cream is delighted to find you at home when she pops in from the barbecue down by the pool. She needed a breather, but not in the conventional sense! She needs to get rid of some gas, and she knows you secretly love lady farts! So w... 5351 views

Amber Cream 12

Check out Amber Cream’s new trick! This gassy girl is farting and sharing the reflection with you, courtesy of a round piece of glass she robbed from an end table. The cold glass is pressed against her ass, flattening her cheeks, and her filthy far... 6544 views

Amber Cream 13

Make that pucker pop, Amber Cream! Wow, this ebony stunner is HOT. She’s gassy too, which is perfect for what she has planned. She is sharing sexy slow-motion footage of her brown butt hole in action, and there is nothing left to the imagination as... 7435 views

Amber Cream 14

Here’s an ebony pucker working overtime! Amber Cream opted for an egg salad sandwich, coupled with a milkshake, and these dietary selections rendered this hot babe ridiculously gassy. Her red thong is tugged toward her hip as she pushes out powerfu... 5987 views

Amber Cream 15

Oh, Amber Cream, you never fail to amaze! Ebony ass-lovers would agree that this girl is too good to be true when she shares views of her busy ass hole winking and working to rid her tight tummy of the gas that seems to be in immediate need of escape... 5732 views

Amber Cream 16

Alluring Amber Cream has had enough to eat to make her tummy rumble, and you know what that means. Never a girl to let good gas go to waste, Amber is going to pull her sexy thong to the side and treat you to the smells you crave, coming straight out ... 5163 views

Amber Cream 17

Amber Cream’s emoji pillows have seen better days! She has two of these cute plush characters on her couch and has decided to take pleasure in stinking them up with her smelly ass! They look nearly new, but they will not smell fresh after Miss Crea... 3802 views

Amber Cream 18

Amber Cream is not known for quick trips to the bathroom! She seems to always linger on the bowl, struggling to make a deposit when she is exceptionally gassy. Today is no exception, as she is perched on the pot, with her dark chocolate pucker produc... 5381 views

Amber Cream 19

Look at Amber Cream’s ass being hugged by her sexy jean shorts! Oh to be those shorts! The temp in Amber’s living room is far too high, and she is far too gassy. As she lets farts fly out of her tush, through the denim, things get much hotter in ... 4351 views

Amber Cream 20

Captivating Amber Cream heard you like her farts, and she loves being a favorite! It turns her on and motivates her to push limits and really proffer a palpable display of passion! Watch her wiggle out of short boy shorts as she lets you taste her ch... 7123 views

Amber Cream 21

Hey Dirty Boy, are you ready to get down there and play? This is what Amber Cream wants to know as she settles her ass in a holster to be able to sit comfortably right above your face while she covers your profile in methane. She wants you rubbing th... 5321 views

Amber Cream 22

“I can’t believe this is coming out of me!” That’s what Amber Cream says as she has her sexy yellow thong pulled to the side to free farts from her decadent chocolate pucker. Poor thing took a dose of diet pills, but all they did was make her... 5367 views

Amber Cream 23

If you are already familiar with the amazing Amber Cream, it should not surprise you that she knows how to make her pussy so wet when she rubs herself. Her most recent self-pleasure session was no exception, as Miss Cream made herself cream as she ma... 5924 views

Amber Cream 24

Stress seems to create a gassy belly for alluring Amber Cream. It’s finals week at school, and poor Miss Cream had to hold in a ton of gas in class while she was taking her test. Finally, she is at home and able to fart all over her white leather s... 4504 views